Pac Technologies offer a large range of workshop services, and have built a reputation for constructing quality switchboards while providing an excellent level of service and workmanship. Our switchboards are designed and build by our in-house manufacturing facility to Australian standards and our customer’s specifications. In doing so, we have establishes strong relationships and have ensured positive outcomes for our clients.


While we offer most general solution, we specialise in:

• DCS & PLC panels.
• Marshalling Panels.
• Motor control centres (MCCs)
• Local control stations.
• Pneumatic & Solenoid Panels.


Our electrical switchboards can be built from a number of construction materials, in a range of standard colour schemes:

• Stainless Steel.
• Powder coated mild Steel.
• Powder coated Aluminium.

Our electrical switchboards have been installed in a range of industries:

• Food manufacturing.
• Industrial refrigeration
• Production lines
• Packaging equipment
• Transport centres.

To learn more about our services, or to request a project quote, please contact our office.

Workshop Services