All Services

PAC technologies offer a large range of electrical engineering services, from smallmotor starters and control panels to complete turnkey systems.

Key capabilities:


  • PLC Design and coding

  • SCADA Design and coding

  • Vision Systems

  • SMS/Email/Voice alarm and acknowledgment

  • Electrical Engineering services

  • Electrical schematic drawings

  • Electrical layout drawings

  • 3D Design and Manufacturing drawings

  • Electrical Installation

  • Switchboard building

  • In-house design of all structural components

  • Multi axes Motion control

  • AC/DC drive systems

  • Energy & condition monitoring

  • Control Panel

  • Motor Control Centres


PAC Technologies has experience in food manufacturing, beverage, power generation, energy management, water and effluent, refrigeration and many other process industries.

Pac Technologies employ Allen-Bradley, Omron and Siemens trained control systems engineers, our engineers are formally recognised and certified as Omron control systems engineers, specialising in Omron Vision Detection Systems.

Our level of expertise includes energy and condition monitoring, process control,
machine control, multi axis servo systems, AC/DC drive systems, Vision Inspection
and other QA systems, This is augmented with a strong background in PLC and PC
based Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) control systems.
PAC Technologies provide reliable and robust process control and data management systems that extend from the shop floor to the front office.